primary quilt

March 17, 2010

a little sunshine

primary quilt

it's sunny and in the 60's today, a welcomed change from this past weekend's non-stop rain. I totally think that working on this quilt this weekend helped bring the sun around! I pieced it on saturday, quilted on sunday, and finished the hand binding this morning. I had a couple of goals with this quilt: a baby quilt that wasn't too babyish, balance a modern with a vintage feel, and totally surprise my friend. I'm hoping I hit at least two out of three.

primary - quilt back

I used the wonderland prints as the color inspiration and went from there (after many txt and email messages with rangsiwan and amanda!), mixing some very modern fabrics with the more subdued katie jump rope prints. I wanted to stick with primaries without it screaming pre-school if you know what I mean. I also played with the idea of a "charm quilt", throwing in the wonky nine patch blocks to make it more playful. I sashed the 9 patch blocks with some essex linen and left them wonky for some movement. I basically cut them down to size unevenly depending on how I felt the prints were moving (wow, that sounds crazy).

she is done!

I kept the back pretty simple, piecing some essex linen (in putty) with some carolina chambray and "recess" by american jane. I thought this was the perfect print since the dots with the flowers has that modern/vintage mix I was looking for. I love how playing with fabrics can make a very simple quilt fun and modern. hopefully my friend will love it as much as I do and that it will fit in the baby's room. well, she has to love it because I hand sewed the binding! my shoulder hurts, but it's hard to beat the look of hand binding.

the only issue I had was the actual quilting. this was the first time I tried free-motion quilting and it was hard to get the tension just right. not on the top, but the back which really played with my head. I already get scared that the quilt will just come apart every time I was one for the first time and this didn't help matters. thankfully it just came out nice and wrinkly! I did notice the thread becoming slack randomly which would create a weird long stitch, which probably means it's time to take my machine in for service this week. it's almost been a year after all.

March 11, 2010

note to self

crazy 9 blocks

I've learned a few things during my morning crafting sessions:

1. the stitch the sewing machine manual suggests to use with the 1/4" foot does not create a 1/4" seam. move the needle to 5.5, instead of 3.5, for that perfect seam.

2. gift sewing, just as gift knitting, brings about anxiety and self-doubt. stop over-thinking things.

3. opened seams make for easier cutting when working with crazy nine patch blocks.

4. you bought the 'best press', now use it.

5. if you're going to steam press something, then make sure you're wearing pants.

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